Pearson Summit Miami 2015 Attendees

Pearson Summit Miami 2015 Attendees

  • Adam Black
    Adam Black  SVP, Efficacy and Research, Pearson Professional Pearson


Albert Hitchcock
Albert Hitchcock  Chief Information Officer Pearson 


Alberto Carvalho
Alberto Carvalho   Superintendent Miami-Dade County Public Schools 


Alfred Binford
Alfred Binford  MD, Assessment and Direct Delivery Pearson 


Alison Young
Alison Young  SVP, Organization Effectiveness Pearson 


Amar Kumar
Amar Kumar  SVP, Office of Chief Education Advisor Pearson 


Andrew Siclari
Andrew Siclari  VP, Business Integration & Operations Strategy Pearson 


Andy Moss
Andy Moss  MD, Venture Markets Pearson 


Angela Schwers
Angela Schwers  SVP, HR, North America Pearson 


Annabel Cellini
Annabel Cellini  SVP, Strategy & Marketing Pearson 


Aurelio Prifitera
Aurelio Prifitera  MD, Clinical Assessment Pearson 




  • Ben Hughes
    Ben Hughes  Global Commercial Director & Deputy CEO Financial Times 


Bethlam Forsa
Bethlam Forsa  MD, Learning Solutions Pearson 


Bjarne Tellmann
Bjarne Tellmann  SVP & General Counsel, Legal Pearson 


Blair Boggs
Blair Boggs  SVP, Transformation North America Pearson 


Bob Whelan
Bob Whelan  MD, Pearson VUE Pearson 


Bradden Wondra
Bradden Wondra  SVP & CTO, Growth Markets Pearson 


Brendan O'Grady
Brendan O’Grady  VP, Global Media & Communities Pearson 





Carole Dunsdon
Carole Dunsdon  SVP HR, Growth Markets Pearson 


Caroline Smith
Caroline Smith  SVP, HR Operations Pearson 


Cathy O'Brien
Cathy O’Brien  SVP, Finance, Professional Pearson 


Charlotte Baldwin
Charlotte Baldwin  SVP, CTO Core Pearson 


Christina Scott
Christina Scott  SVP Technology, Pearson Professional Pearson 


Christine Trum
Christine Trum  SVP, Project Management, HR Pearson 


Cinthia Thonon
Cinthia Thonon  Head of Legal for the Growth markets Pearson 





Darcy Keller
Darcy Keller  SVP, FT & Professional Pearson 


David Barnett
David Barnett  MD, Australia Pearson 


David Daniels
David Daniels  President, Integrated Solutions Pearson 


David Schuler
David Schuler  Superintendent Township High School District 214 


Deepak Mehrotra
Deepak Mehrotra  MD, India Pearson 


Dionne Higgins
Dionne Higgins  COO, Core & Growth Markets Pearson 


Don Kilburn
Don Kilburn  President, North America Pearson 


Doug Kubach
Doug Kubach  President, School Pearson 


Duncan Thomas
Duncan Thomas  SVP, Human Resources – School Pearson 





Fathima Dada
Fathima Dada  Global MD, Schools Line of Business: Inside Services and Direct Pearson 





Gail Fierstein
Gail Fierstein  SVP, HR Higher Ed Pearson 


Gary Gates
Gary Gates  SVP, Global Business at Pearson VUE Pearson 


Gerry McDonald
Gerry McDonald  Principal Tower Hamlets College 


Gillian Seely
Gillian Seely  Community Manager, CEO Pearson 


Giovanni Giovannelli
Giovanni Giovannelli  MD, Brazil, Growth Pearson 


Graeme Baldwin
Graeme Baldwin  SVP, Deputy General Counsel, Corporate Finance & Strategy Pearson 


Graham Calder
Graham Calder  SVP, CTO – Technology Operations Pearson 


Greg Forbes
Greg Forbes  MD, Partner Markets  Pearson 





Helene Dennery
Helene Dennery  MD, Germany, Benelux, France, Core Pearson 


Hera Siu
Hera Siu  MD, Greater China Pearson 





James Reeve
James Reeve  MD, Pearson Canada Pearson 


Jamie Menapace
Jamie Menapace  VP, Corporate Finance & Strategy Pearson 


Jeff Walsh
Jeff Walsh  SVP, Finance, North America Pearson 


Jim Hummer
Jim Hummer  SVP Efficacy & Quality, CQO Pearson 


Jim Marshall
Jim Marshall  SVP, Tax Pearson 


John Brennan
John Brennan  SVP, Internal Audit and Compliance, Finance Pearson 


John Fallon
John Fallon  Chief Executive Officer Pearson 


John Ridding
John Ridding  President, Professional & MD, FT Group Financial Times 


John Tweeddale
John Tweeddale  SVP, Efficacy & Quality, North America Pearson 


Jonathan Angliss
Jonathan Angliss  SVP, Growth Markets Pearson 


Julie Young
Julie Young  President Julie Young Education, LLC 





Karen Ketchmark
Karen Ketchmark  SVP, Human Resources, Professional Pearson 


Kate Bishop
Kate Bishop  HR, Core Pearson 


Kate Edwards
Kate Edwards  SVP, Efficacy & Research, Higher Education Pearson 


Kate James
Kate James  Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Pearson 


Kate Koch
Kate Koch  SVP Financial Control Pearson 


Katelyn Donnelly
Katelyn Donnelly  Managing Director Pearson Affordable Learning Fund 


Katy Hemmings
Katy Hemmings  SVP, Employee Communications & Corporate Affairs Pearson 


Kimberly O'Malley
Kimberly O’Malley  SVP, Research and Development, Assessments & Information Pearson 





Leah Jewell
Leah Jewell  MD, Workforce Readiness Pearson 


Lesley Davies
Lesley Davies  VP, Quality, Standards & Research Pearson 


Lionel Barber
Lionel Barber  Editor Financial Times 


Lisa Lewin
Lisa Lewin  MD, Technology Products Pearson 


Luyen Chou
Luyen Chou  SVP, Product Strategy, CPMO Pearson 





Manos Kapterian
Manos Kapterian  SVP Operations Core Pearson 


Mario Mariani
Mario Mariani  MD, Pearson Italy Pearson 


Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson  Managing Director, Pearson UK Pearson 


Mark Chernis
Mark Chernis  SVP, Strategic Partnerships & Investments, CPMO Pearson 


MaryKay Wells
MaryKay Wells  SVP & CTO Pearson 


Matthew Leavy
Matthew Leavy  MD, Global Services & Direct Delivery, Higher Education Pearson 


Maxine Lyseight
Maxine Lyseight  Community Manager, Edtech Pearson 


Melinda Wolfe
Melinda Wolfe  Chief Human Resources Officer Pearson 


Michael Barber
Michael Barber  Chief Education Advisor, Office of the Chief Education Advisor Pearson 


Michael Chai
Michael Chai  SVP, School Product Technology, School Pearson 


Michael McQueeney
Michael McQueeney  Senior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel Pearson 


Mike Flynn
Mike Flynn  VP, Finance – Clinical Assessment Pearson 





Natalie Whitty
Natalie Whitty  VP, Markets Strategy, Corporate Affairs Pearson 


Nichole Dobo
Nichole Dobo  Education Reporter The Hechinger Report 





Paul Blackburn
Paul Blackburn  SVP Publishing Operations & Content Management Pearson 


Paul Corey
Paul Corey  Managing Director, Higher Education Learning Services Pearson 


Paulo Pisano
Paulo Pisano  SVP, Talent Pearson 





Rebecca Sinclair
Rebecca Sinclair  VP, Global Brand Architect Pearson 


Riaan Jonck
Riaan Jonck  MD, Pearson South Africa Pearson 


Robby Yang
Robby Yang  VP, Corporate Finance and Strategic Development Pearson 


Roberto Gulli
Roberto Gulli  Chairman, Italy Pearson 


Robin Baliszewski
Robin Baliszewski  Managing Director, Higher Education North America Pearson 


Robin Freestone
Robin Freestone  Chief Financial Officer Pearson 


Rod Bristow
Rod Bristow  President, Core Markets Pearson 


Rod Wallace
Rod Wallace  SVP, Chief Information Security Officer, PT Pearson 


Rosanna Hall
Rosanna Hall  Midrand Graduate Institute  





Sally Johnson
Sally Johnson  SVP Finance, Core Pearson 


Shilpi Niyogi
Shilpi Niyogi  SVP, North American Corporate Affairs & Global GR Pearson 


Simon Mays-Smith
Simon Mays-Smith  SVP, Investor Relations Pearson 


Soren Kroon
Soren Kroon  SVP, Corporate Finance & Strategic Development Pearson 


Stephen Jones
Stephen Jones  Senior Vice President, Company Secretarial & Deputy Secretary Pearson plc 


Steve Cunningham
Steve Cunningham  SVP, HR Enabling Functions, HR Pearson 


Steve Ellis
Steve Ellis  SVP, Group Treasurer Pearson Plc 


Steve Guttentag
Steve Guttentag  President Connections Education 


Steven J. Uhlfelder
Steven J. Uhlfelder  US Government Relations Advisor Pearson 


Stuart Nolan
Stuart Nolan  Senior Vice President, Global Rewards Pearson 


Susan Rudolph
Susan Rudolph  SVP Finance, Higher Education Pearson 


Sven Gerjets
Sven Gerjets  Chief Technology Officer Pearson 





Tamara Minick-Scokalo
Tamara Minick-Scokalo  President of Growth Markets Pearson 


Tas Viglatzis
Tas Viglatzis  Managing Director, Pearson English Pearson 


Tim Bozik
Tim Bozik  President Higher Education Pearson 


Tom Ap Simon
Tom Ap Simon  SVP Finance, Growth Markets, Finance and Operations Pearson 





Vicky Hampson
Vicky Hampson  SVP, Sales Excellence, Growth Pearson 





Yasminka Nemet
Yasminka Nemet  SVP, Marketing, Higher Education Pearson 





Ziggy Liaquat
Ziggy Liaquat  Chief Operating Officer, North America Pearson 



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